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Natural Bouquet Care Guide (13 Golden Tips)

Study time: 12 minutes

Giving a gift as well as buying a bouquet online is a wonderful feeling. Its colors give a more colorful atmosphere to your life and its fragrance brings to life the memories of spring and summer.

One of the characteristics of cut flowers (branched flowers) is their short life. Cut flowers last between 5 to 20 days, depending on the type of flower and the method of storage. To get acquainted with cut flowers, you can go to the page of natural flowers with photos.

In this article, we try to teach you how to maintain a natural bouquet, which will surely make your flowers last longer by using them.

You suggest reading the article on how to keep flower boxes and flower baskets so that you can take good care of them if you receive a gift.

13 golden tips to extend the life of natural bouquets

1- Most cut flowers do not have fragrance

There is no problem with your sense of smell, most decorative flowers have no fragrance. Gardeners prefer to plant flowers that are larger and more resistant, which usually do not have the characteristics of fragrant flowers.

So fragrant flowers are usually shorter in life, although not all fragrant flowers are short-lived. For example, oriental flowers are fragrant and have a long shelf life.

So if you want a more lasting flower, choose flowers that have no fragrance, which are usually longer lasting.

2- Do not put your flowers on the ledge and window sill

It is true that the flowers look great in the sun, but it is the sunlight that accelerates the wilting process of the cut flowers and causes the flowers to wither in a day or two.

Try to keep your flocks in the shade. This is a very important point in maintaining a natural bouquet.

3- When buying roses, make sure that the roses are fresh

Since roses are one of the most popular flowers, it might not be a bad idea to mention one thing about them. When picking these flowers, look at the bottom of the petals and notice how many petals have fallen off. A fresh rose may have one or two drooping petals, but if it were larger, more withered petals may have been removed to show a fresher flower.

So be careful that the more petals are separated from the rose, the sooner the flower will wither. This is the reason why the flowers of the florists behind the red light are cheap.

4- Wash the pot after use

Do not put bouquets in the pot before washing the pots as the bacteria and fungi in the previous bouquet will accelerate the decay process and cause your flower to die quickly.

For best results, wash your pot with alcohol or bleach and rinse thoroughly. As we said in the article on the best vase for cut flowers, choosing the right vase also affects the beauty and life of the flower.

5- Fruits are the enemy of flowers!

It may seem nice to put the flowers next to the fruit basket, and you usually put the cut flowers next to the fruits on the table, but it will shorten the life of your flowers.

The fruits produce a gas called ethylene, which accelerates the wilting and rot of cut flowers. As a result, try to keep your flowers away from fruits as much as possible.

6- Keep your flocks away from air conditioners

Flowers like a moist environment, and the wetter your environment, the longer the flowers will live. Ventilation and purification devices dry the air and shorten the life of the cut flowers.

7- Change the water in the pot regularly

Water is the breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and algae, all of which accelerate the process of flower stem and then flower rot.

If you change the water of your bouquet on a daily basis, the life of your flowers will increase. Chlorine in water is also harmful to flowers. If you are one of those people who like to keep their flowers fresh for a longer period of time, you should leave the water in a corner for 5 minutes to reduce the chlorine of the water and then put the flowers in it.

But if you need an easier way, we suggest you cut flower food. It is enough to dissolve the flower food in water and then change the flower water only once a week.

You can also prepare flower food by buying flowers from Golestan online florist.

8- Use scissors or a sharp knife to cut the flower as much as possible

As far as possible, use scissors or a sharp knife that does not have teeth to pick flowers.

A sharp knife or scissors allows you to cut the stems obliquely without crushing. Oblique cutting means cutting the flower stalk at an angle of 45 degrees. This allows the vessels inside the stem to have the highest level of contact with water and to maximize water supply to the petals.

Do not forget that as soon as you buy flowers from florists, either online or physically, you should immediately cut one centimeter of the stems 45 degrees and put them in water, because the flowers are out of the water and out of the water for a short time. It was water that closed the vessels or the water supply route to the petals.

It is recommended to cut the stems by one centimeter every three or four days to prolong the life of the flower.

9- Remove the leaves in the water

You can use scissors to separate the leaves that are in the pot water.

Putting the leaves in water creates a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria and fungi, and after a few days, the leaves begin to rot in the water, and this contaminated water shortens the life of your flower. While placing the leaves in water, it reduces the beauty of your pot.

10- Remove the withering flowers from the pot.

Avoid breaking, bending, or damaging the stems to maintain the bouquet. The shape of the stems is essential for delivering nutrients to the flowers. If you damage a flower, separate it from the bouquet.

You may have heard the saying that a rotten fruit is enough to ruin a box of fruit. This example also applies to flocks.

We suggest that whenever a branch of your pot flower withers, remove it from the pot to extend the life of the rest of your flower.

As a personal experience, we use sage on the children's table because of its fragrant scent in Golestan, and although sage is usually short-lived, we have extended it to 14 days with a simple trick.

In this way, each branch of its sage has a number of flowers or so-called flowers that usually begin to wither after 5 days from the bottom of the stem, we separate each flower that is withering and the whole stem from the pot We do not separate.

In this way, the flowers live longer. However, this method will not work for all flowers. For example, for a rose that is entirely a flower on a branch, the petals around the flower that have withered must be carefully removed.

11- Do not buy flowers from the street

Bouquets sold on the street usually stay in the sun for a long time and are unlikely to be fresh. And most of the time there are flowers that are withering.

These are flowers that florists should throw away, but at a very low price they sell them to these street vendors.

It is recommended that you go directly to the florist to get the flowers, or if you do not have the time or patience to do so, place your order through the online florists so that it reaches you on time.

12- Cold shower is forbidden!

You do not like it yourself, so do cut flowers. Make sure the water is lukewarm when you first put the flower in the pot or when you change the water. Except for daffodils

13- The magic formula of keeping natural bouquets

Instead of using water alone, make a mixture of four cups of water and one cup of non-diet spray and add a few drops of bleach. Using distilled water is better than using ordinary water. Or you can use a flower food (flower food).

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