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Flower arranging has been around for centuries, where did it begin?

A beautiful gift of flowers

The flower is not only a symbol of beauty but also one of the best gifts that more than any other gift can express the feelings and emotions of the giver. Giving flowers has been a tradition in human societies since ancient times and has a very long history.

According to studies in this field, the Greeks were the first tribes to consider specific meanings for different types of flowers and use it as a gift to express their feelings and emotions in various private and social relationships.

After that, the Romans also welcomed this beautiful tradition, and thus this ancient tradition entered the culture of different nations and peoples of the world. We Iranians also use flowers as a gift to express love to our spouse or a family member and friend, to attend parties and gatherings, to visit patients, to congratulate the bride and groom, as well as to congratulate a family that has just had a child. But have you ever wondered where this tradition is rooted? This tradition, like many other customs in the past, has been very different from today. You may be interested to know that from prehistoric times, from the time when the ancestors of modern humans used flowers because of their medicinal and herbal properties, giving gifts of flowers has been common among humans as a sign of the kindness of the giver. Archaeologists have also found remnants of flower petals on ancient tombstones. Although the tradition was gradually adopted in Egypt and China after that, and was also accepted by the Greeks and Romans as one of their cultural traditions, in the Middle Ages, when the church expressed interest in young couples in places The tradition of giving flowers was welcomed by a large group of young couples so that they could express their interest in each other by donating flowers without any worries. In 1700, the King of Sweden decided to use the concepts and meanings defined for different flocks, which were previously common only among the Iranians, to send secret messages, a decision that was also considered in Turkey. Be aware that at that time many secret messages were sent to the military by sending bouquets, each with a specific meaning.

Flower for flower

In European and American countries, it is customary for people who are invited to a dinner or lunch party to give a few bouquets of flowers as a thank you to the hostess. It must be acknowledged that in many countries there are still different cultural infrastructures that can influence this tradition. In China, students usually thank their teachers for their hard work at the end of the year by donating a beautiful bouquet. Although in many countries donating a vase of an ornamental green plant can be a substitute for donating flowers, in Asian countries this indicates a lack of intimacy between the giver and the recipient. In Asian countries, giving a flower basket on a person's birthday is not very common, but often a gift of a flower branch or a beautiful bouquet is given as a birthday present. The Japanese are among the people who are very interested in growing flowers and are very specialized in floriculture. Every year, there is a festival called Flower Festival in which Japanese women express their requests and opinions to their husbands using flowers that each have their own meaning. Chrysanthemums and cherry blossoms are the most popular donated flowers among the Japanese. In this country, chrysanthemums are a sign of longevity, and for this reason, people are given a bouquet of chrysanthemums as a sign of longing for a long life. Cherry blossoms also mean that life is short and fleeting, so it should not be taken lightly. It is interesting to know that despite the fact that in our country, gladiolus is one of the flowers that is donated at the funeral of a person who has passed away or at his memorial service, in most Asian countries white roses, jasmine and carnation, which are circular in appearance and have petals. They are dense as a symbol of birth, life and death. They are used in such ceremonies. The Dutch believe that just as the food we eat provides the food our body needs, flowers also provide the food our soul needs. In European countries, it has long been customary for the number of branches of a bouquet to be given as a gift to an individual to be individual, and since Europeans, like the Iranians, consider the number 13 as a bad number, never a bouquet with 13 They do not give flower branches to anyone. White jasmine is the only flower that is donated only in memory of a person who has passed away, and since in Europe this flower is known as a symbol of sympathy in the death of people, it is not used as a gift on any other occasion.

Although it is customary in South Africa to give flowers only at Christmas, in Egypt this tradition is limited to the memorial service for a recently deceased person as well as a wedding ceremony, and it is interesting to note that flower gifts are not given on these occasions. It is not common in this country.

Secrets hidden in the herds

According to common rules, which are referred to as the language of flowers, each flower has a special meaning and concept that is accepted in most countries as a general principle in flower donation. Awareness of these concepts can play an effective role in improving relationships between people. Of course, it should be noted that the meanings intended for each type of flower have been different in different time periods. For example, the rose, which has been loved by many people today, is a symbol of beauty and expression of interest. However, in the Renaissance, the rose meant martyrdom and heavenly love, which later changed its meaning as a symbol of peace and tranquility. This flower was a symbol of piety and chastity in ancient times and a sacred symbol in Greek times. According to the meanings given to different types of flowers, red rose is the best gift that can be used when one person is interested in another person to express their true feelings. Although you may think that yellow flowers are a symbol of hatred, in reality it is a misconception rooted in people's superstitions. Yellow roses are a sign of friendship and love and therefore can be the best gift for your siblings or co-workers. Pink roses can reveal the inner secrets of your heart, so it is best to choose this type of flower as a gift whenever you want to reveal these secrets to the other person and express interest in him. White rose flowers, which are a symbol of unity and intimacy between people, are the best gift for family occasions or a memorial service for a lost loved one. Clove indicates your satisfaction and agreement with the person to whom you give this flower. The orchid is a beautiful flower that you can give as a gift to anyone you want in any place and time. Sunflower is a sign of your appreciation for the efforts of others and seems to be the best gift you can give your mother. The flower of jasmine is a symbol of purity and sweetness, despite the fact that in many countries it is given at the memorial service for a deceased person, and therefore it will be the best gift for teenage girls and young women. Chrysanthemum is the best flower that you can give to your best friend.

In addition, for each color of the flower, a different meaning is considered, which is accepted as a general principle in the etiquette of giving flowers. It is interesting to know that the interest and attention to flowers among different countries is so important that in most countries a type of flower has been registered as a trademark of that country. In our country, rose as a proprietary symbol

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