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1. Gently unwrap. Easy does it. Do this ASAP

2. Fill your vase with water and flower food. Use at least 4 cups of room temperature water and mix in that cute little packet of flower food that comes with your bouquet.

3. Cut the stems diagonally under running water. Cut them at least 1 inch from the bottom (depending on your vase size). The diagonal cut ensures they get enough water.

4. Remove any leaves below the water line. This keeps the water cleaner and the flowers looking pretty.

5. Position the vase away from direct sunlight, cold breezes, or heat sources. It may take about 24 hours for your flowers to fully hydrate and open.

6. Add fresh water daily, or every other day. Change out the water on Day 5 or if it becomes cloudy or murky. Remove older petals as needed to keep it looking beautiful!

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