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Everything You Need to Know About Gifting Congratulations Flowers

Sending a message with a bouquet of fresh flowers has been a tradition since Ancient Greece. Yet it remains relevant today, especially for sending your congratulatory wishes to someone near or far. A bouquet with just the right blooms mixed in creates a clear message of support, well wishes, and hope for the future. If you need to congratulate someone on a recent success or achievement, there are over a dozen types of congratulations flowers to choose from to mix and match for just the right floral statement.

When the right flowers are chosen, bouquets are almost always an appropriate way to congratulate someone. Just make sure you’re not confusing the meaning for something else like condolences, which would require a different set of flowers to send the right message.

When Should I Give Flowers to Say Congratulations?

There are lots of occasions that call for celebrating with a well-planned congratulatory bouquet. Some of the top events include:

  • The announcement of an impending delivery or the recent birth of a child, especially if the child or mother experienced challenges during the pregnancy.

  • Graduation from high school, college, trade school, graduate school, or other educational and training programs.

  • House warming, even if the recipient of the bouquet is only moving into a first apartment or temporary accommodations like dorms.

  • New job offers, workplace advancements, and other related achievements in the careers of friends and loved ones

  • Wedding anniversaries and other celebrations of long-term commitment, especially on milestone years.

  • Recovery from a serious illness or disease, or at least the celebration of a temporary improvement in condition.

  • Engagements, which typically require a different type of bouquet than those sent to the recently married.

  • Starting a new business or selling off one for a large profit, representing a new chapter

The Best Types of Flowers to Congratulations

Which flowers make a great choice for congratulations messages? In the Victorian language of flowers, also known as floriography, the following blossoms symbolize meanings such as congratulations, admiration, joy, achievement, respect, hard work, love, passion, and success. Consider these flowers when giving a gift to a congratulate someone.

Roses are often associated solely with romantic symbolism, but this sells them short. The variety of colors available makes them far more versatile when it comes to sending a message. Orange, yellow, and white roses, in particular are great for saying “Congratulations!” in a bouquet. They’re mostly recommended for new jobs and other career successes. However, some people prefer to use yellow roses as a general congratulatory flower for baby showers, housewarming bouquets, and more.


The cheerful yellow color of the Daffodil isn’t the only reason it’s a flower commonly used for congratulations. The Daffodil’s habit of rising up earlier than any other flowers each spring also lends it a symbolism of eagerness and hard work. It’s a good flower for including in bouquets sent to celebrate the birth of a new baby or the start of a new career.

Some people also prefer them as graduation bouquets because they symbolize the student’s hard work and eagerness to move on to something new.


Peonies are a general symbol of good luck, good fortune, and success, so it’s not surprising they’re often sent as a congratulations flower. The many-layered petals send a message of wealth and prosperity, making it an ideal choice for arrangements celebrating a big win, a new job, or a significant life change.

White peonies are commonly used for wedding arrangements, so they’re also a good fit for anniversary celebrations as well. The pink Peony may seem romantic, but it’s actually a sign of good luck instead. Try a mix of Peonies for a congratulatory bouquet that bursts with color.


Delicate and ephemeral, Orchids offer some of the most unique-looking blooms for crafting arrangements that really make a statement. Each species of Orchid is dramatically different from the last, but the types most popularly used in arrangements tend to carry a meaning of pride and congratulations.

Purple Orchids, in particular, convey a sense of satisfaction and royalty that is ideal for celebrating someone’s graduation or new career. White Orchids are a good choice for celebrating someone’s engagement or anniversary, thanks to their elegant appearance.

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